e-Scuderia International May Series

Organized by: e-Scuderia

Registration period: 14/05/2018 - 25/05/2018
Day of Week: Saturday
Race time: 18:00 (UTC+01:00)

Documents: Normativa
Signed up




From 26/05/2018 to 26/05/2018




Limited to 35 drivers


Evento mensual de las e-Scuderia International Series. Carrera del mes de mayo de 2018, con los clásicos DTM 92. 1 carrera. El servidor se abrirá de forma privada el día del evento. Ese mismo día, estad atentos al correo electrónico para saber la contraseña del mismo. Todo participante deberá estar dentro de nuestro servidor de e-Scuderia de Discord:


Races run on Saturday at 18:00  (UTC+01:00)


26 may. - Suzuka Circuit

Cars: Audi V8 DTM,BMW M3 DTM,Ford Mustang GT DTM,Mercedes E190 Evo2,Opel Omega 3000 Evo500
Session Options

Practice: 60 minutes

Laps: Sunrise

Classification: 5 minutes

Laps: Morning

Race by time: 50 minutes

Laps: Noon

Race Options

Reverse Start Order Places: Off

Tire Wear: Normal

Mechanical Damage: Off

Flag Rules: Complete

Kick Non Ready Clients Time: Off

Mandatory Pitstop: Off

Stay In Practice Session If Empty: Off

Restriciones de Ayudas

Difficulty: GetReal

Fuel Usage: Normal

Visual Damage: Realistic

Race Finish Duration: 120

Cut Rules: Drive-Through

Wrecker Prevention: Off

Non Ready Pitlane Start Delay: Off

Allow Players Join In Qualifying: On

Any question?

Please contact with the championship manager if you have any question