WTCR Nurburgring Grand Prix

Organized by: Alejandro Díaz

Registration period: 8/17/2018 - 8/25/2018
Day of Week: Sunday
Race time: 22:00 (UTC+01:00)






From 8/26/2018 to 8/26/2018




Limited to 24 drivers


Primer evento para testear los nuevos WTCR en Raceroom. Será una sola carrera el 26/8/18 a las 22:00 (UTC+1) hora española peninsular. Si hay buena participación, organizaré un pequeño campeonato más adelante. Ampliamos a 24 inscritos Para el podio completo de esta carrera habrá una key para un juego de Steam. Duración: 30 minutos de práctica, 15 minutos de Clasificación, y 20 minutos de carrera. Reglas: GetReal, banderas completas, Desgaste x2 y consumo x2. El setup será Fixed.
 Servidor Sim: WTCR Pass:wtcrcarrera


Races run on Sunday at 22:00  (UTC+01:00)


26 Aug - Nürburgring

Cars: Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR,Audi RS 3 LMS,Honda Civic TCR,Hyundai I30 N TCR,Peugeot 308 TCR,Seat Cupra TCR,Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Stream TV: See here

Simon Omil | 2º ROMAN XICOPONT | 3º Iván Gómez Muñoz
Session Options

Practice: 30 minutes

Laps: Noon

Classification: 15 minutes

Laps: Noon

Race by time: 20 minutes

Laps: Noon

Race Options

Reverse Start Order Places: Off

Tire Wear: 2x

Mechanical Damage: On

Flag Rules: Complete

Kick Non Ready Clients Time: Off

Mandatory Pitstop: Off

Stay In Practice Session If Empty: On

Restriciones de Ayudas

Difficulty: GetReal

Fuel Usage: 2x

Visual Damage: Realistic

Race Finish Duration: 30

Cut Rules: Slow-Down

Wrecker Prevention: Off

Non Ready Pitlane Start Delay: Off

Allow Players Join In Qualifying: Off

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DNS - No corrió - Do not start / DSQ - Descalificado - Disqualified / RET - Retirado - Retired / __ Vuelta Rápida - Quick Lap / __ Bonificación negativa - Penalties - Incidencias

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Please contact with the championship manager if you have any question