1. Can i manage my championship at SimRacingChamps? How much does it cost?

SimRacingChamps is a tool for managing simracing championships or any size and importance and has no cost for any manager or driver.

2. How do i sign up in a championship?

First you have to register using the option 'Sim driver' at 'Sign up' menu of this page. Then you can use your email and pass to sign up in whatever championship you like

3. What is the Team Manager profile?

The Team Manager profile is an extended pilot profile that in addition to allowing you to register in any championship as one more driver, allows you to add your team and manage it.
The team manger can:

  • - Upload team logo
  • - Fill info regarding the team.
  • - Add drivers to the team (they have to be registered at simracingchamps): That allows, over the whole website, show the team link where the driver info appearsThis association is needed for team championships.

4. How to organize a team championship?

The organization of a team championship is carried out in the same way as a normal championship with the following characteristics:

  • -The inscriptions are made like a normal championship. The drivers register first on simracingchamps.com in the driver profile and register for the championship.
  • - One of the drivers should register at simracingchamps.com with the profile "Team Manager", register the team and associate their drivers in the section of their control panel.
  • -The organizer, when registering the championship, must choose the option "Only Teams" in the general data. You can also choose "Teams and drivers" if you want to see the classification by drivers as well as teams.
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