How to create your championship?

1. Register

Access to and proceed to register as championship manager, then log in here

2. Add your championship

When you log into the portal you'll access to the home screen where your championships will appear in different states: Pending to Publish, Pending to Validate and Published. Initially none will appear so press the New Championship button to create it. In the championships creation window indicate the basic data: name, platform, simulator, registration period, etc. Once you save the info you will return to the home screen.

3. Add racess

Now you will see some new buttons: Documents, Races, Preview.
The Documents button allows you to attach the regulations, prizes, etc. in PDF format.
The Races button allows you to add each stage of the championship, indicating circuit, practice data, classification and race as well as cars that participants can select.

4. Preview and Publish

Once you have added all the information you can preview how your championship would look and finally if everything is okay Publish it to appear in SimRacingChamps .com
When we validate your championship we will send a tweet warning of the new championship as well as the opening moment of registration.
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